Customer's Most Frequently Asked Questions & It's Rightful Answers

If you have dilemmas about the best thing to do with your electrical system, you’ve come to the right place as Pasadena Electrician Masters can help. Our Frequently Asked Questions page will guide you through some basics and get you started making the best choices for your home or office.


What is the most common electrical service problem, and can homeowners like myself safely troubleshoot and repair it?

The most common type of electrical service problem is a tripped circuit breaker or a blown-out fuse. It usually happens when too many appliances or lights are turned on simultaneously. Sure, you can fix the problem yourself, but the safest way to handle electrical problems is to hire a professional electrical company like Pasadena Electrician Masters.

How do I know if my electrical wiring system needs to be updated?

If you have a very old home, it’s probably time for an electrical wiring update. The best way to find out is by scheduling a consultation with one of our professional electricians at Pasadena Electrician Masters. We’ll look into your property and let you know what needs to be done to bring your electrical system up to code.

Is it easy to install new outlets without the help of an electrician?

It’s not impossible, but most experts wouldn’t recommend it. Unless you are experienced with electrical work, we at Pasadena Electrician Masters advise against do-it-yourself electrical projects. The best way to avoid accidents and get the job done is to hire a professional electrician, especially those with the best tools and expert know-how on electrical work.

What are some of the benefits of having an electrical inspection?

An electrical system inspection can help uncover potential problems in your system before they cause any damage or accidents. It’s always best to be proactive regarding your safety and that of your family or employees, so don’t hesitate to call Pasadena Electrician Masters for an inspection. We’ll be up and ready to help you with any of your electrical needs.

Should I be worried about blackouts?

Not necessarily. While blackouts can be a cause for concern, they’re not always indicative of a serious problem. However, if you experience regular blackouts, it’s best to call Pasadena Electrician Masters for an inspection. We’ll be able to determine the cause of the problem and recommend the best course of action.

When is the best time to replace my light fixtures?

The best time to replace your light fixtures is when they’re no longer working properly. If you notice that your lightbulbs are burning out quickly or that your fixtures are starting to show signs of wear and tear, it’s probably time for a replacement. Pasadena Electrician Masters can help you choose the best fixtures for your needs and install them professionally.

How often should I have my electrical system checked by a professional electrician?

It’s generally recommended that you should have your electrical system checked every two years by a professional electrician. This process will help ensure that your system is running smoothly and that there are no potential problems that could cause accidents or damage. So if you need professional help, Pasadena Electrician Masters is always here for you.

What DIY electrical project should I avoid?

We at Pasadena Electrician Masters advise against many do-it-yourself electrical projects. These include but are not limited to:

  • Installing new outlets
  • Replacing light fixtures
  • Checking the main electrical panel
  • Troubleshooting faulty circuit breaker or fuse problems

Unless you are experienced with electrical work, we recommend hiring a professional electrician for any of these projects. It will help avoid accidents and ensure that the job is done properly.

How should I know if I need a new circuit breaker or fuse?

If you’re experiencing regular blackouts or power surges, you may need a new circuit breaker or fuse. However, the best way to know for sure is to call Pasadena Electrician Masters for an inspection. We have the tools and expertise to properly diagnose the problem and recommend the best possible solution.

Is it normal for my light switch to get hot when I turn it on?

For safety reasons, it’s not recommended that your light switch should get hot when you turn it on. And that is because this could be indicative of a problem with your electrical system. If you notice this happening, call Pasadena Electrician Masters immediately for assistance. We’ll have everything checked out and provide you with the best possible solution.

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